Lhasa to Katmandu on Mountain Bikes!  
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No guarantees here. I will try my best to stay in commo! You can try me on my cell phone at +336 1173 1332. Nepal is Central European Time plus 4 hours, or Eastern Standard Time plus 10 hours. Tibet is CET + 6, EST+ 12. Alternatively, try emailing me at wildwoman@compuserve.com. If I can't post to this site, I check me at veloqueen.vox.com, which I may be able to update via cellphone.

In Katmandu we are at the Katmandu Peace Guest House, phone +977-1-4380369 email ktmpeace@ntc.net.np

In Lhasa we are at the Flora Hotel, phone +86-891-6324491, email florahtl@hotmail.com.