Mileage:  thousands!

Elevation Change:  thousands!

Weather:  hot and sunny in Park City

Morale:  Great!

Incidents:  Flight delay out of Salt Lake City got us in to Kalispell just before midnight—26 hours after we left Paris!

Daily Summary:

Travel day today.  We left the house at 7am to get to the airport 3 hours prior to our flight.  Lines were horrible and  bikes were complicated, so we ended up running for the flight.  It was a LONG flight (11 hours), and Lil was next to an 8 week old screaming baby named Grace, who was not living up to her name.  The only way to tune it out was watch the movies, but they were all three ridiculous.  At Salt Lake City, Lil’s good friend and West Point classmate Dianne Bracey picked us up and brought us to Park City for the afternoon.   Ray went to the pool while Dianne, Lil, and Donna McAleer drank beer and told stories.  It was a beautiful day in Park City, and was a holiday—Pioneer Day—to boot.  We got back to the airport in time for our 9pm flight, but it was delayed and didn’t leave until after 10.  That meant we didn’t get into Kalispell until 1am, which was already 9am Paris time.  So we are pretty tired!  But we are here safe and sound and the bikes both made it.  Unfortunately, the fork on Raymond’s got bent in transit so we will have to get that fixed replaced before we can start the trip. 


Please note that we will be on our own hauling our own luggage through the weekend, so we will not be posting our updates until Sunday night when we get back here.  We join the group at that time so will have our laptop again. 


Below is a picture of Lil and Dianne, taken from the front porch of her house in Park City; also one of Lil, Diane, and Donna..  Thanks, Dianne and Donna, for taking such good care of us during our long layover in Salt Lake City!

Travel Day