Mileage:† 92 miles

Elevation Change:† 2530 feet

Weather:† cool in the morning, hot in the afternoon, afternoon winds

Morale:† feeling strong

Incidents:† dropped Lilís camera and broke it

Daily Summary:

A tri-state day with great scenery and perfect weather!† We rolled out of Montpelier rather late today (7:30) in the cool of the morning.† As you can see above, the first 40 miles were very flat.† We passed lots of agriculture, then skirted the very big Bear Lake for many miles.† At the end of the lake we went over a steep pass, and on the other side we plunged into the desert.† We went from Idaho through Utah to Wyoming today, with radically changing landscape.† The ride was short and the wind was mostly calm (until the last ten miles) so we were back to the hotel by 2.† We took the opportunity to go to Wall Mart and get more diaper cream, saline solution, and a new camera for Lil, who stupidly dropped hers after taking the Utah State Line photo below.†† Dinner tonight was the mucho grande platter at the local Mexican restaurant.† Tomorrow is the hardest day of the tour, so please forgive us if we donít post an update on time!†


Below is some early morning shadow play, followed by Paris, Idaho and the obligatory state line shots.††† Next is the typical scene at one of our SAG stops.†† Lil tries an alternate mode of transportation.† And, we couldnít help but chuckle at this stern warning at the House of Prayer down the street.